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Yarmouth Hockey Annual Potluck and Season Kickoff!!!

posted Nov 7, 2011, 7:05 PM by Holly Allen   [ updated Nov 7, 2011, 7:06 PM ]

The Yarmouth Hockey Boosters will hold their annual potluck dinner on

Tuesday, November 22 at 6PM in the high school cafeteria. All Yarmouth
hockey players, families and coaches (Middle School teams, and Boys and Girls High
School teams) are invited to attend. We hold this annual event to welcome
new players and families and reacquaint with returning families as we all
begin our hockey season. 

Each family should bring a MAIN DISH and the item assigned for each grade

Grade 5- Italian bread/rolls/biscuits

Grade 6,7,8- Dessert

Girls High School (grades 9-12)- Beverage (at least a gallon/20 servings)

Boys High School (grades 9-12)- Side Dish (Salad, appetizer, etc)

Again each family needs to bring a main dish (casserole/pizza/sandwiches/etc)
and the item for their players specific grade. The boosters will supply
plates, cups, napkins and silverware. However please bring a serving utensil
for each of your items. Parents, siblings and players are all welcome to attend!


Please email or call me with questions. Cell 939-8186 

Hope to see you all there,

Heidi Hall



Yarmouth Hockey Boosters Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2011 YHS room 106, 7:00 pm.

posted Oct 25, 2011, 5:13 PM by Holly Allen

Attendance: Bonnie Wilson, Tara Johnson, Paulina Lopez, Sherry Haley, Elaine Driscoll, Anne Jacobs, Scott Conrad, Rob Kurtz, Heidi Hall, Whit Gallagher, Kurt Morrison, Jeff Haley, Dave St. Pierre, Dick Grimm, Dan Landry, Holly Allen, Andrea Elfring, Bob Murray, Christine Ramsay

Treasurers Report: Whit reported budget looks as expected, hope to raise more funds this year. Dipped into reserve last year and most likely will again this year. Whit met with A.D. Susan Robbins, the school budgeted $$ last year for hockey and we didn’t use half of it. He suggested that HS coaches should go to the school first with their needs ie: tape, pucks, socks etc…The school approved to pay for coaches (head coach for girls with 2 assistants and head coach for boys with 2 assistants also a JV coach.)

Coaches update: Coach St. Pierre ordered new equipment, gloves, pants and helmets to replenish stock and for extra players this season. Winter sports night is 11/7, Coach St. Pierre will hold a parent meeting asking if any parent is interested in becoming the new “Voice of Yarmouth Hockey. “ This person will be the announcer at the home games and will be responsible for the clock. The school pays $20 each home game for this position. Jane Gallagher has volunteered to help organize the game opener in dedication to Becky Shaffer, a Yarmouth alumni and hockey player who passed away this summer in a tragic accident. Jane will also organize a dedication page for the program book. Coach Murray reported he’s in the process of evaluations for the MS Varsity team. He thanks the Wilson’s and the Dealaman’s for their help in coordinating. He also thanked Dave N., Whit, Dave St. Pierre, Rob and Scott for helping to evaluate. The MS has 40 skaters this year and 3 teams. He’s placing 21 on the Varsity team.

Equipment update: New equipment has been ordered and will outfit varsity players. JV players will be responsible for their own equipment. Coach St. Pierre is in the process of ordering new team jackets which player’s parents will pay for. Bob Murray volunteered to be on this committee with Sherry Haley.

Program Book: The program book is underway. Parents will receive packets at the MS practice and at the HS code night. We agreed to use Joline Gilman again this year to produce the book. Deadline for all materials is 11/19. Hope to have the books available for 1st home games on 12/3. (details to follow)

Annual Potluck Dinner on 11/22: This is an all Yarmouth Hockey event to kick off the season. A brief booster meeting will be held after.( Details to follow)

Committee Introductions: Scott will define each committee and responsibilities in more detail for the next meeting. He would like all committee members to attend the booster meetings. We’re adding a summer hockey program committee as well.

Bottle Drives: Dick Grimm scheduled the 1st bottle drive for Saturday 12/3. Need parents with trucks or SUV’s and all players. (Details to follow) Our 2ndbottle drive is planned for the Saturday after the Superbowl in February.

Adjourn: 8:25PM

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